Strolling Magician

Strolling and Walkaround Magic

Often referred to as Strolling Magic or Walkaround Magic, Elliott will blend in with your guests, and walk around showing them a short close-up magic act. He will introduce himself and move into showing them some powerful close-up miracles that will get them talking, laughing and gasping in amazement.

Hiring a Strolling Magician for your Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event is a a popular form of entertainment, especially for crowded parties when not everyone will be able to see a formal close-up show.

Why Hire a Strolling Magician?

Photo of Strolling Magician Elliott HendersonThe benefits of Strolling Magic is that Elliott works from his pockets, doing away with a formal close-up table which allows him to cover a large amount of people. Strolling magic is perfect for large parties where you will find groups of people from 2 to 5 people in size.

Elliott performs a small, 3-5 trick in the hands magic show to entertain your guests and get them laughing and having fun.

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