Table Magician

Table Magician

UK Table MagicianTable Magic is an exciting form of entertainment that allows the magician to interact with your guests as they are seated. By performing magic at your table Elliott Henderson will keep your guests entertained and help enhance your event.

Table Magic is perfect when celebrating special occasions and events, especially during the festive periods. Many hotels and restaurants hire table magicians to entertain their guests to provide them with a unique memory of the night.

Best Times for Tableside Magic

The best time to hire a table magician is before the meal when your guests are first starting to get to know each other, or after the meal when your guests are more relaxed. Performing magic when someone is eating can be quite distracting, so Elliott prefers to have your guests full attention so that he can entertain them without any interruptions.

Restaurant and Dinner Magic

For years Restaurants have been hiring Close-up Magicians to entertain their guests. Restaurant magicians are known for attracting repeat customers, and add a fun, friendly atmosphere to your restaurant.

Restaurant Magician Elliott HendersonThe benefits of a restaurant magician Restaurant Magician Elliott Hendersonis that it makes your restaurant stand out from your competitors, and also creates word-of-mouth advertising for your establishment.

Furthermore a Table Magician can entertain your guests when there is a delay in the kitchen or when they are waiting to be seated.

Elliott has a non-intrusive, light hearted approach and varies his style of magic to your guests. He also has special routines designed for happy couples celebrating their anniversary or when its a guests birthday.

Benefits of Hiring a Magician for your Restaurant:

  • Makes your restaurant stand out from the competition
  • Fills any wait time on busy nights
  • Helps to increase loyalty among guests
  • A novel way of attracting publicity
  • Help to increase business during slower nights
  • ...Generates word of mouth around the city!

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